One Call Property Management & Reno’s from Beaches to Hamilton

As the name suggests, it takes One Call to us to get your issue resolved efficiently and with care. Whether you are a property owner or a tenant One Call is all it takes to start the resolution to you issue.

Are you moving forward or are you stuck on dealing with issues related to being a landlord?

Who we are:

We are real estate investors and property owners ourselves. The renovations and property management company evolved naturally and it is based on our extensive experience managing our own properties and dealing with the wide range of tenants, repairs and other issues.

Here’s what we think you want:

  • low vacancy
  • smart and efficient updates
  • equity building tenants
  • and maximized cash-flow and profits

We know how we want our properties renovated, maintained and managed and that’s exactly the service that we offer to you as well.

Have you asked yourself if managing your properties by yourself is the best use of your time?
Have you noticed how a single vacancy can easily occupy your mind for 2 months or more?How about the call when the toilet plugs just as you are getting ready to get away for the weekend with your family?

Why are we important to you? When we are on your team, we will enable you to some of the following:

  • Free up your time to do what is more important to you
  • Focus on activities of high value
  • Eliminate the “emotional bond” to the property  – it’s bad for business
  • Provide piece of mind with our 24/7 availability to deal with issues

How we do it:

  • Focus on one of the most critical elements in this business – the tenant.
  • Aggressively market the property to find the best qualified tenants
  • Screen the tenants using proven systems – extensive screening includes credit, employment, current and previous residence
  • Perform needed maintenance on time and on budget
  • Ensure that rents are paid on time or immediate action is taken to rectify the situation
  • Excellent knowledge of the Landlord and Tenant Board practises and forms – we know paperwork
  • We learn and improve continuously by associating ourselves and creating relationships with the best people in the industry

What is keeping you awake at night? Do you worry who is going to take care of your property while on an extended vacation? Is serving eviction notices and dealing with trouble tenants preventing you from enjoying the process of investing?

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